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Power Transmission Ltd – (P.T.L) is a family Owned Company established in 1960,
in Israel we known as: Avizarey Hana'ah.The main function is to supply customers in Israel with a
wide range of high quality products for mechanical power
transmission equipment at reasonable prices and from a single source,
supported by sufficient stock and as great a know-how as possible.Our excellent reputation and financial status can be easily checked with
Dunne and Bradstreet, International. 

PTL / AVIZAREY HANA'AH have over approximately 900
listed customers on our books, amongst them the Hi-Tec Industry,
Ministry of Defense, Textile Industry, Agricultural Plants and Engineers.

P.T.L is Agent, Representative Distributor & partners for more than 40 manufactured by world-wide,

Besides Sales, we offer our customers the following services:

– Technical and Engineering Assistance,
– Quotes, including negotiations with our Principals world-wide for best terms.
– Handling of direct delivery orders for our customers, including follow-up.

PTL is constantly updated with new technical developments.

Further to the above we keep our customers informed about any new development known to us, by means of publications, catalogues, samples and visits.
All new items are introduced to our customers as soon as available.

we represent nearly 40 suppliers world-wide, mostly in Europe and USA.

Dedicated to our goal of supplying a wide range of items from a single source,
we stock over 20,000 different listed items, from Linear-motion components
Speed-reducers and Gear-boxes, Bearings, Couplings and Clutches Free-wheels,
Drive components, and ending with accessories, all imported by us
directly from the manufacturers and fully owned and paid for by us.
(List of items carried in our stocks can be found in our brochure & web page).

All items are kept indoors with covered storage protected against dust, direct rain and sun.
Our stock is constantly checked to ensure proper storage conditions and correction of any fault found.
All our stock is computer controlled, adjusting itself at real-time.

Our stores are situated in the city of Petach-Tikva

Ever since establishment PTL's main concern has been and continues to be supplying quality products, even nowadays when prices are equally important.
Our choice of suppliers is mainly based on their ability to supply quality products.
All our suppliers have quality control and assurance systems and all can supply adequate documentation.


Most of our suppliers are certified for ISO I9001/2015 And the rest are in the process of being certified.

Manufacturers from the USA are also approved for other standards such as M.S., FDA.

PTL is now certified for ISO-9001-2015.

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